6 Reasons Why Fresno Is A Great Place for Remote Workers to Live!

Although it is the fifth biggest city in the Sunshine State, Fresno is often overlooked by people moving to California in favor of its famous neighbors, San Francisco and Los Angeles. But Fresno is an up-and-coming gem of a city that offers plenty of benefits for those looking to relocate from other parts of the state and the country alike. With so many people switching to remote work formats because of the global coronavirus pandemic, now is the perfect time to consider a new home base from which to both work and explore.

From the stunning nearby nature to the lively city life, Fresno has it all.

In this article, we will take a look at six reasons why Fresno is a great place for remote workers to live.


1. Affordability

Living in Fresno means you get to enjoy all the benefits of California living, but at a fraction of the cost. Compared to cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, where renting even a small apartment can cost multiple thousands each month, Fresno offers fabulously affordable rents that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

For remote workers who want to save the money they earn and not spend all of it on rent and living expenses, Fresno is the perfect option. You can live comfortably in Fresno on an annual salary of $44,500; less than half the amount that you would need as a minimum annual income for Los Angeles or San Fran living. And for remote workers who are ready to relocate and settle down, the median home price in Fresno, less than $350,000, is much lower than the average California home price.

2. Cost of Living

Aside from simply the costs of renting or buying a home in Fresno, general living costs are also much lower in Fresno than other cities in California- and even across the country. Transportation and utilities are cheaper here than other parts of California, particularly if you shop around to find the best deal on internet services. Groceries and healthcare are less expensive here than most of the country as well, so the regular small savings will start to add up to big savings over time.



3. Location

California is known for its diverse and beautiful natural landscape. Living here, you can complete the famous “ski to sea” day, spending the morning skiing or snowboarding down the slopes at Mammoth Mountain or Lake Tahoe, then surfing in the stunning Pacific Ocean before sunset. From redwood forests to the sublime rugged cliffs over the ocean in Big Sur, from snowy peaks and lakes to the high desert in Joshua Tree and Mojave, California has it all. Living in Fresno, you will be in the heart of the state. Fresno is centrally located, making it the ideal base from which to explore all the natural wonders that California has to offer.

For urban explorers, Fresno itself offers plenty of entertainment, and the Bay Area is a short drive away. So you can go explore San Francisco’s world famous museums, monuments, and concert venues, then drive across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and be back home in Fresno for dinner.


 4. Transportation

 Fresno’s location also offers the prime advantage that once the California High Speed Bullet Train is complete, Fresno will be well situated along the route. Passengers will be able to   hop on the train and   zip from Northern California to Southern in a matter of hours and minutes. Once the rail is complete, Fresno is set to become an even buzzier hot spot along the   way. Major international hub airports are within easy driving distance, making Fresno a great spot for frequent travelers, who take their remote work with them wherever they go.

 5. Foodie Haven

 Fresno has been called the agricultural capital of the USA and the abundance of high-quality fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and olive oil has contributed to a   rich, burgeoning   foodie scene.   Pistachios, grapes, and garlic are just a few of the crops that thrive in Fresno. From the many weekly farmer’s markets in Fresno to the   world class restaurants that adopt   a “farm to fork” approach to fine   dining, Fresno’s cuisine highlights the natural abundance in the area. The food scene in Fresno reflects this city’s diversity. Outstanding Mexican food joints sell mouth-watering tacos next to local favorite cafes that make savory tri-tip sandwiches. Food   festivals feature   gastronomic explorations from around the world. And don’t forget the legendary food trucks in Fresno, where you can taste anything from gourmet donuts to Philly Cheesesteaks to Teppanyaki. Once   you have shut down the laptop and closed the remote office door for the day, there is no better way to enjoy your off hours than to sample the   amazing food Fresno provides.


6. College Town

Despite its big city size and urban resources, Fresno maintains a charmingly laid-back small-town atmosphere, perfect for families and students. With its own college nearby, California State University Fresno, Fresno offers all the benefits of a college town: tons of cool coffee shops, a lively arts scene, concerts and interesting cultural events, pedestrian friendly streets. All the resources college students make Fresno a haven for remote workers as well. Coffee shops with fast Wi-fi and outlets that let you sit at their tables all day are great for both students cramming for exams, and remote workers maintaining online businesses.

Fresno Fits All

A major metropolis with a small-town feel, an urban beacon that is also family friendly, an international foodie hub with local ingredients; life in Fresno offers something for every taste. For remote workers on the go who want to explore a new city in beautiful California, Fresno is an ideal choice. And for remote workers who are ready to settle down while they explore, Fresno makes a fantastic home base. Close to everything, affordable, and welcoming, Fresno is truly a great place for remote workers to live.