Overlanding the Southwest Desert this October


Many of you that know Linda and me or follow us on Instagram @toddandlindas know that we recently purchased a new Jeep Rubicon. It’s been something we’ve been planning over the past few months, and it plays a role in an upcoming trip this October that we’re in the midst of scheduling out.


Truth be told, it’s not a good market to be buying a car of any sort right now. New cars are in short supply with circuit chip shortages and used car pricing is skyrocketing to unprecedented levels.  With the build and specifics we’ve been looking for, the Jeep didn’t exist shy of being ordered with no guarantee of how long that would take other than many months. A few close matches we found out of the area were being marked up 6K to 8K over list price, non-negotiable. It didn’t seem too promising.


Jeep RubiconWhen we saw a pretty close match pop up in Dinuba at Jim Manning, we jumped on it. I’ve never been so happy to pay sticker price for a vehicle and think I was getting a good deal. I hope that is the last time that ever happens, but we’ll see. It’s a new sort of world we’re living in these days.


In October, we’re planning an Overlanding trip in the Jeep which should be a lot of fun. We’ll be heading up through Nevada to Utah to Arizona, hitting a variety of 4WD trails and dispersed camping spots along the way. We’re also planning on hitting up several ghost towns that are off the beaten path.


We’ll be checking out the Hoover Dam and camping along the rim of the Southern end of Lake Mead. The following day we’ll head up past Vegas and visit the Valley of Fire while also traversing a nearby 4WD route that is full of epic scenery and dispersed camp spots along the way.


As we make our way up into Utah, we’ll be stopping by Toquerville Falls and Dinosaur Tracks before we make our way to Zion National Park to hike the Narrows and check out some of the other highlights there.


As we move on, we’ll head to Bryce National Park before heading down to camp along the rim of Lake Powell at Alstrom Point. After that, we head to the Grand Canyon via a quick stop at Horseshoe Bend and then heading to the North Rim to a spot called Point Sublime.


Eventually, we’ll make our way to Sedona, Arizona where we’ll meet up with my folks at our timeshare there and enjoy a week of hiking and hitting some of the 4WD trails there such as Broken Arrow and Schnebly Hill.


There’s a lot of work to do in the interim as we begin outfitting the Jeep to be ready for our trip. It’ll be complete with a hard-shell rooftop tent from Cascadia Vehicle Tents to an onboard Dometic refrigerator that sits on a rack slide in the back alongside our 1000-watt solar generator from Jackery.


We’ll be sure to update along the way and have already been asked about whether we can do any sort of daily blog or vlogs. I guess that will depend on what type of connectivity we can find. I’ll definitely have my camera gear and drone with me though to capture as many moments as we possibly can.


Todd Mitchell