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Client Stories: 1038 W. Windsor Court

Posted by Todd Mitchell on December 20, 2016
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Execution At Its Finest!

1038 N. Windsor Court Hanford CA 93230

Green-Fin does it right! They are quick and responsive in the buying process, and they understand what it takes to prepare and sell a home the right way. Thanks to the principals in their book, The Value Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate, we sold our home fast and for our asking price. My old neighbors thank them, because the sale of our home increased their values as well! Thanks Linda and Todd!” – Greg & Candi T.

We’ve said it before and we’ll just keep on saying it because we are blessed to do what we do and blessed even further that we love helping people achieve their goals. We’ve known Greg and Candi for a long time and we’ve assisted them with several real estate transactions over the last few years but the last two were by far the most fun. Greg and I actually worked together in my former life as a Senior Account Executive in Technology Design and Sales, which is where we first met.


Linda has been working with Greg and Candi for quite some time, looking for the home that is the perfect fit for their family. We tell people often, “You’ll know when it’s right. When you pull up in front of the house and you get that feeling. It continues as you walk inside and you know you’re home.” Well, this very thing recently happened for Greg and Candi. They made an offer, it was accepted, escrow opened and it was time to start the next chapter of their lives. Greg called me a few days later wanting me to come out so we could walk through his current home and put together a road map to maximize resale value to the greatest extent possible. You see, Greg had read our book, and he was very familiar with the methodologies behind how Linda and I operate. I’d actually discussed it many times in the past with Greg when Linda and I were actively flipping homes.



When I got there, Greg was prepared, clipboard in hand, and paper and pen ready to go. We started in the front yard and walked every square inch of his home. Greg took copious notes, asked questions that we discussed thoroughly, and then we’d move on to the next item until we finished. Timelines were later built, resources scheduled and Greg and Candi were ready to get to work. And, work they did, diligently. Never have I seen someone execute so flawlessly on the preparation of their home for the market. They were trusting in our process and followed our recommendations to the letter.


The hard work paid off and their house sold for $25,000 dollars more than what we would have listed it for prior to their preparation
After several 6 weeks of preparation, Greg and Candi’s house was then scientifically staged. We were now completely finished and ready to launch the ‘Coming Soon Campaign’ with laser focused, targeted advertising to realtors as well as prospective home buyers in the South Valley where Greg and Candi lived. By the time we officially launched the ‘Just Listed Campaign’ the results once again proved our documented approach works extremely effectively. After 15 showings, Greg and Candi’s home received 4 offers in just 4 days and went into contract. The hard work paid off and their house sold for $25,000 dollars more than what we would have listed it for prior to their preparation for the market. In fact, their house is now the highest sold comp in the neighborhood.


We pride ourselves on helping our clients strategically engineer, in advance, the desired outcome that they want along with a smooth and hassle free escrow with no surprises along the way. Greg in Candi did receive a requested list of repairs from the buyer though with one item only – to clean the pool filter. We won’t make that mistake again, rest assured.


We invest a considerable amount of hands-on time and work closely with our clients.  The results our clients typically receive are impressive. Just ask Greg and Candi. For this reason, we can only take a few listings on at a time until we start to build out our team and capture some hours back in the day. If you are interested in working with us, give us a call at 559-439-2820. We’d love for you to be the next highlighted Client Story.


Todd Mitchell

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