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Client Stories: 5270 N. Feland Ave

Posted by Todd Mitchell on September 12, 2017
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Let the Bidding Begin!

Over the course of now 11 of these newsletters, you’ve heard Linda and I talk about The Value-Driven Approach as our strategy for selling homes. By the way, we are in the midst of re-naming The Value-Driven Approach as I’m now 70% done with writing a detailed How-To book on the exact steps we’ve learned on how to prepare your home for the market, increase your profit by up to $25,000 dollars and crush your competition. I’m targeting late summer to have this book on sale via Amazon; more to follow on that down the road. One small problem though is I am having a complete block on what to name this book. If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop me an email at with your idea. I’d really appreciate it!


We do however have several approaches for selling a home beyond that of The Value-Driven Approach. And truthfully, it depends on your situation as to what the best-prescribed path forward is. Every situation is unique. In the case of 5270 N. Feland Avenue, The Price-Driven Approach was a better mechanism to accomplish the overall goal. And, it worked exceedingly well.


Linda and I consider ourselves to be in the relationship business . In truth, it’s not about how many homes we’ve sold but about how many people we’ve helped. For 2017, we’re choosing to re-direct our goals and results tracking towards our Make Impact Fund and the donation of $250 dollars of every closed escrow, directly to this fund.


I’d like to thank our dear friends, Jason and Jennifer for one of the first $250 donations of 2017

Impacting people’s lives for the better is a much more fulfilling success tracker. It’s very well possible that we can achieve upwards of $15,000  thousand dollars of donations this year to our selected non-profits, Breaking the Chains and Make-A-Wish Central California. Now that’s impact and I’d like to thank our dear friends, Jason and Jennifer for one of the first $250 donations of 2017.  We’ll be officially making these donations at the end of each fiscal quarter so stay tuned for information coming on that as we’re really excited and will be sharing news with you through this newsletter as well as If you’re interested in making a donation and joining forces with us or would like information on the good work these non-profits are doing, please contact us directly at 559-440-6818. We’d love to partner with you on this!


I’ve known Jason for many years now. We’re both involved in the Men’s Ministry at Northpointe Community Church in NW Fresno and attended various events and Bible studies over the years as well as backpacked together in the Sierra’s. Jason reached out to me in mid-2016 to let me know that he was taking a job and relocating to the Central Coast. After my brief bout of jealousy wore off, I was saddened to see my friend go but truly excited for the new opportunity for him, his wife Jennifer and their family.

Jason and Jennifer had around 25-30 showings, 10 offers, and sold in 3 days for 118% of the original list price

Linda and I sat down with Jason and Jennifer and talked about what the best path forward for them and through that, The Price-Driven Approach surfaced to the top. The plan was created and then the execution of that plan began to unfold. And, sometimes even we’re surprised…


When Jason and Jennifer’s home hit the market, they were out of town that weekend and it’s a good thing they were. Their front door was pretty mulch a revolving door for that weekend. The results exceeded our expectations. Jason and Jennifer had around 25-30 showings, 10 offers, and sold in 3 days for 118% of the original list price.


When we can roll up our sleeves and work together to accomplish results like that, it just feels good. Jason and Jennifer have now officially re-located and are enjoying their new home and definitely their new geography. Linda and I were able to see them a few weeks back when we met for lunch at Pieology after church. It was good to catch up with them and share lunch.


Jason and Jennifer, we wish you nothing but the best as you begin your new journey in the beautiful Central Coast area of California! And, thank you for being one of the first donations to our Make Impact Fund for 2017. We could not do this without people like you!


Todd Mitchell


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