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Client Stories: 713 Quady Lane

Posted by Todd Mitchell on September 20, 2017
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When you love what you do, it causes you to show up differently in your life. You’re more engaged and have a naturally more positive outlook on things. Don’t get me wrong, there are some plain ole bad days. There are challenges too; sometimes daily. However, when you average everything out, it’s just better and Linda and I truly are blessed to do what we love and to work with clients like all of you.


Manuel and Elisa are yet another example of a truly awesome couple that we had the distinct privilege of recently getting to know. Elisa called us this past December and let us know she had been referred to us by our good friend, Sondi Roberts. Manuel and Elisa had outgrown their home on Quady Lane and it was time for them and their growing kids to embark upon the next season of their lives in a bigger home.


Manuel and Elisa are yet another example of a truly awesome couple that we had the distinct privilege of recently getting to know

Linda and I met with Manuel and Elisa the night of the Christmas parade in downtown Madera. The town was buzzing and there was positive energy and excitement in the air. Looking back on it, that was a good sign that everything was just meant to be.


After we made introductions, we sat down at Manuel and Elisa’s kitchen table and talked about their goals and objectives with the move. Both with the sale of their home on Quady Lane and also the search for their next home. If you’ve ever sold and bought a home at the exact same time, you know there is a tad bit of stress that goes hand and hand with that process.


Getting your current home sold and in escrow as well as the new home in escrow, everything timed and closing at the same time is like watching professional ballroom dancers that are perfectly in step with each other and very little margin for error. Once our conversation wrapped up, we walked Manuel and Elisa’s home, front to back and discussed the strategy needed for optimum success.


It’s not lost on Linda and I that these meetings can be overwhelming for our clients at times. We’re imparting a great deal of information and it’s not always exactly what people want to hear. I am truly thankful though for the trust that our clients, and most recently, Manuel and Elisa have placed in us. Manuel and Elisa were attentive and inquisitive and they were up for the challenge as Linda and I walked them through the precise things they needed to do, and in what order, so that they could best resonate with their prospective buyers at an emotional level. And, that is where the magic happens.


Book Update: I’ve decided to name the new book The Value-Optimized Approach to Selling Your home. Maximum Profit Doesn’t Just Happen, It has to be Engineered!  If I can stop procrastinating and keep writing, it should be available on Amazon later this year.


When we were all done walking Manuel and Elisa’s home, The Value-Optimized Approach was utilized. In the coming days the project schedule was built, resources scheduled and the work started. Linda simultaneously was busy taking Manuel and Elisa to see homes that fit their criteria. It was a busy time for Manuel and Elisa’s family to say the least.


We had over 15,000 video views, 900 clicks back to our website, 30 shares, and 50 likes


3 weeks later, after one of the most successful targeted coming soon campaigns we’ve ever launched with over 15,000 video views, 900 clicks back to our website, 30 shares, and 50 likes, we were ready to go live with the listing and here’s what happened:


  • Listed on January 5th
  • 13 Showings
  • Multiple Offers
  • Sold in 10 days (Average is 43 days)
  • 100% of asking
  • No inspections or requested repairs from the new buyers


Manuel and Elisa’s offer on their new home was also accepted during this time. As we fast forward to today, Manuel and Elisa and their kids are now living in their new home. We are so truly grateful for you guys and can’t wait to see the future unfold for you. The sky is the limit and your new home is perfect for you.


All the best!


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