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Client Stories: 950 N. Arthur Avenue

Posted by Todd Mitchell on February 22, 2017
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What an Awesome Christmas it was!

950 N Arthur Avenue Fresno CA 93728Oh, the essence of Todd & Linda Mitchell!!! These are the people that you WANT on your side!  My husband came to my work one day and said that he was meeting with some realtors because we were going to look for a new house! Little did I know just what we were in for!  After meeting with Todd & Linda and getting specific about what we wanted in a home, we started looking at properties online… We took one day, about three weeks into this search and went from house to house that we’d wanted to see… It was super frustrating as pictures and the real thing are so different and I was being a real “Debbie Downer” and while we were getting ready to leave this one house that wasn’t for us, Linda took us to a listing just around the corner. We got to that house and the sky opened, the angels sang and Debbie Downer was nowhere to be found! We found our home!  We wasted no time and immediately went back to Green Fin’s office and wrote up the offer. It was just meant to be! We closed in an amazing 28 days and started moving the day Todd & Linda gave us the keys! What an amazing experience this journey was! My husband, having been through this before was very skeptical, but Todd and Linda’s enthusiasm and continued support were more than we expected from a realtor!

We did what they asked us to do, they even pitched in (a LOT) and we got it sold after a short 4 days on the market!
Now, the issue was getting our old house in shape to sell! We did what they asked us to do, they even pitched in (a LOT) and we got it sold after a short 4 days on the market! Who would have thought? After not being able to sell in after 6 months on the market a couple of years ago, Todd was absolutely incredible in his talent to get to just the right buyer group interested!  We had a little hiccup with the sale and had to extend escrow, but again, Todd and Linda were with us the whole way! We finally closed last week and because of their continued honesty, integrity, and support we got through that unsure period of the extended escrow.


What a fabulous team they are and what a great company they have! If anyone is in the market to buy and/or sell, they are definitely the power couple of the real estate world!!  Thank you to you both for your encouragement, your tenacity and above all, your prayers to see this through on both ends! Tim and I appreciate you both more than you’ll ever know and believe me when I say that we have made and will keep some new friends, forever! ) Thank you! – Kate Kennedy

 This is why we do what we do! Working with folks like Tim and Kate is the embodiment of the vision we had back in 2011 when we decided we wanted to open a Real Estate Brokerage. Brokerages are a dime a dozen, lets be honest. What we saw back then was the vast majority of realtors operating in the old 3 P’s of Real Estate. Maybe it’s familiar to you. 1.) Put a Sign in the Front Yard. 2.) Put it in the MLS and 3.) Pray that it sells.  However, when 90% of your buyers will have first vetted any prospective property online as well as fully vetted you as a realtor and brokerage, marketing in the Digital Age has always, and will always be our concentration.

It’s been a blast working with Tim and Kate too! As Kate mentioned above, they did EVERYTHING we asked them to do. They were the model clients. Rest assured, this is not an easy task. However, just ask Tim and Kate and they’ll tell you that yes, you can strategically engineer the outcome you want in advance for the sale of your home. We wrote about it in The Value-Optimized Approach. We focus heavily on the preparation of our client’s homes for the market and then, we specifically Target-Market in the Digital Age through our strategic coming soon and just listed campaigns to find just the right buyer.

How’d it work? Well, after 20+ showings, multiple offers, the house sold for 101.3% of list price in 4 days, and, $10,000 dollars more than what we would have listed their house for prior to the preparation for the market. Those are results that Tim and Kate can get behind.

Their new house, well, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Linda and I are so excited for them. This Christmas, well, it’s going to be AWESOME for them!

Todd Mitchell

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