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FSBO Assistance

Thinking of selling your home yourself (FSBO) but you understand the importance of being listed on the MLS? The MLS is where all the BIG online listing portals ultimately gather their information for their showcased online listings. If you’re not utilizing this platform, you are doing yourself a big disservice that will cost you money in time and lost profits.

We created the TMG FSBO Assistance Package for people that want to sell their home on their own but need the exposure of getting it listed on the MLS.  The MLS is the key to your home being sent to dozens of home listing websites for maximum online exposure.

Even better, this package also includes professional photography with tips on how to prepare for your photography appointment in advance. This makes sure our home is prepared to make its maximum impact.

If you’re thinking ahead and concerned about navigating contracts and negotiations and feel you need a bit more help, take a look at our TMG Virtual Agent Services!


TMG Virtual Agent Package

With the TMG Virtual Agent Package, we guide you safely through the entire process and put your minds at ease.

Helping You Through the Escrow Process – TMG Virtual Agent Services

Two of the biggest risks facing a FSBO seller are completing all the detailed steps to close escrow and facing potential post-sale lawsuits. Year after year in California, the #1 reigning lawsuit against sellers is failure to disclose. Even if a seller feels that they have done everything correctly, if they do not have all the necessary disclosures with the buyer signatures in all the appropriate places, there is a potential for a major loss. Keep in mind that the escrow or title company you choose does not help buyers and sellers with contractual agreements or required disclosures. In fact, many sellers soon realize that escrow officers, and friends with a real estate license, become very reluctant to provide even the smallest amount of information because of the huge legal risk.

When sellers are in escrow and faced with this reality they sometimes hire a real estate lawyer only to realize that legal costs can quickly add up to even more than that of the real estate Broker’s commission.


Need More Help Than Our TMG Virtual Agent Package?

All too often folks just look at the commission amount paid to a real estate agent and they can’t seem to get beyond the shock of that number. However year after year, statistics show that the commission paid to sell a property more than pays for itself. And, it’s not just with how much you ultimately sell your home for but in what length of time it takes to sell. Utilizing the services of a successful real estate team, drastically shortens the time your home will take to sell so you can get on with your life!

A successful real estate agent has total mastery of online and social medial advertising, Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Key Word Threading, Video Marketing to much, much more.

The average real estate agent in the Fresno / Clovis area achieves roughly 98% of list price for their selling clients. That means if your home is listed for $300,000 dollars the average sales price is $294,000. At The Mitchell Group, we’ve averaged 101% of list price for the past several years which is a $9,000 dollar difference on average. Add that to the statistic that FSBO’s typically sell for less than homes sold using a real estate agent, you could be leaving money on the table by not hiring a successful real estate agent. We can help with this too!




Listing Term

Professional Photography


Zillow, Trulia, Redfin

Professional Yard Sign

Realtor Electronic Lockbox

Selling Forms & Disclosures

 Digital Document Storage

Electronic Signatures

Preliminary Title Report

Preferred Title & Escrow

Offer Negotiation & Support

FSBO Assistance


12 Months

25 Pics









TMG Virtual Agent


* $2500 due at close of escrow

Until Sold

** Seller handles all calls, showing appointments, physical showings, open houses, inspection appointments, appraisal appointments, and in escrow appointments necessary.


Professional Staging Consultation – $150

Professional Videography (Virtual Tour) – $350