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Posted by Todd Mitchell on December 12, 2019
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Get Your Home Sold Fast with This Photography Checklist

When it comes to selling your home, the property must be presented in the best way possible. The space needs to be cleaned and updated, staged and ready to put on the market. You will need to work hard to ensure your home entices potential buyers. However, all your efforts will be for naught if you do not have quality photos of your home. Potential home buyers look at online listings as well as flyers and books to find homes for viewing that meet their criteria. No matter what you have to offer, if your photography is not on point, you will not find the foot traffic needed to sell your home.


Be sure to have quality photographs taken of your property so it highlights everything your home has to offer. Below is a simple checklist to ensure your photos are of the highest quality and will help you sell your home quickly after listing.


Thorough Cleaning

The interior and the exterior of your home needs a thorough cleaning so all the photos taken will highlight what your property has to offer. With the exterior, vinyl siding, brick, and other materials need to be cleaned completely. Learning how to clean brick or other exterior material types with a power washer can help you to have beautiful exterior photographs of your property.


The inside also needs a deep clean. Stains on walls, flooring, and other areas must be removed so that your photos showcase the ample space and architecture, not dirt or grime.



An essential part of photography when it comes to selling a home is staging. Each room needs to highlight what the space can be used for and nothing more. So, in each room, the furnishings need to be minimal. No personal touches. You want to have sofas in the living room, dining table in the dining room, etc. and nothing else. With the right staging, the photos you take will easily show what each room can be used for and how much space is available.


Today’s Millennial homebuyers love a minimalistic approach. Add only simple furnishings with modern design when staging to appeal to the latest group of home buyers.


Wide-Angle Lenses

When taking photos of your home, a wide-angle lens is a must. With this type of lens, you can take in the entire room rather than just a small portion of the space. With wider shots, potential homebuyers will be able to see the full potential of your home rather than small snippets.


And the more photographs the better! Potential home buyers want to see everything. Anyone looking to purchase a new home will check for photos online before scheduling a showing. If you want your home to get noticed, take plenty of pictures using a wide-angle lens and showcase them online.


Showcase New Installations or Remodeling Projects

If you have recently completed new installations or remodeling projects, showcase them! You can take images of the projects as well as explain what was completed in the listing. Whether you have completed Plywood repair on your kitchen cabinets, installed new flooring or put in many new types of windows, these changes add value and need to be highlighted.


Always talk about any changes you made and showcase it in pictures. Potential home buyers will easily be able to see what your home has to offer and feel good about the incentives they can enjoy with the home.


Keep these tips in mind when listing your home and you will find that you succeed in selling quickly as home buyers are intrigued by your listing!  


Corey Tyner is the owner of Cash land buyers Arizona and Phoenix fast sell. He is one of the top real estate investors in Arizona with over a decade of experience. His work has been featured on Bigger Pockets, Real Estate Agent Magazine, and several other real estate investor publications.


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