tmg impact


Of key importance for us at The Mitchell Group, is giving back to our community. It has become part of our very culture. Whether it’s time, money or skills, we’ve all been given tremendous gifts and it’s our responsibility to use these gifts to help others. In this spirit, we’ve created The TMG Impact Fund where we hand select a local faith-based non-profit / charity which we donate to quarterly from the proceeds of every sale we work on.

For 2022, our goal is to contribute $10,000 dollars and we’ve partnered with The Light-House Recovery Program which provides an environment of safety, sobriety, and faith-based living. They provide teaching, training, and therapy to support women throughout the recovery process. The goal is to engage each woman back into the community while emphasizing integrity, responsibility, and self-reliance.

Thank you so very much to each of our amazing clients for making it possible for us to support this amazing ministry. We are truly humbled and appreciative.

Todd & Linda

We’ve truly been blessed to work with this amazing organization that is impacting our community with tremendous results. 

In Your Service, 

Todd & Linda