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In today’s connected world, 90% of all prospective buyers have their first encounter online with the home they ultimately end up buying. In a sea of competition, this initial online encounter (of your home) is a vital first impression that needs to be lasting. With this in mind, we’ve built our entire process around controlling this experience for prospective buyers in a very specific and engineered way. Let’s be honest, everyone is a licensed real estate agent it seems. However, real estate agents are not created equal by any means. About 5% of the agents sell 95% of the business. Successful agents don’t just sell real estate part time and when it’s convenient. They have a proven and documented approach to their business, so nothing is ever missed. They are Jacks of all trades and to name just a few, they are seasoned at Internet and social media marketing, staging, landscape design, and they have a deep bench of resources to accomplish all of these tasks. 

“Best of the best! Right preparation, right staging, right lender, right price. Both Todd and Linda were available and always, repeat always on target with their advice and expertise. Without any hesitation, I would recommend The Mitchell Group as THE “go to” realtors.” Bruce W.



The Value-Optimized Approach:

Simply put, when we optimize perceived value, we maximize seller profit. So, how exactly do we optimize value and control the experience that a prospective buyer of your home has? It all starts with avoiding the most common and costly mistakes that many home sellers and agents make. Slowing down upfront and building a strategic plan of action that meets your financial objectives. A plan that engineers the outcome you want, but in advance. A plan that leads to realizing the maximum available profit extraction for your specific situation. A plan that mimics the feeling and confidence of a new home buying experience for your buyer. When executed properly, it greatly speeds up the overall transaction and leads to a smooth and predictable escrow.

Marketing Done Right:  

At a basic level, people connect through the art of storytelling. The best sales people have always sold without actually selling. Rather, they craft a story, a compelling narrative where the buyers own mind does the selling by convincing them they need that item. With this concept in mind, we tell the story of your home. Utilizing professional photography, videography, drones and unique property website pages, we then precisely connect that story with interested buyers online. A story that gives a prospective buyer the ability to truly see themselves and their family in your home. You see, to be a successful real estate agent in today’s connected world, it is imperative to have not only competence, but mastery in these areas.

We are unapologetic technology nerds and have  become skilled in the nuances of strategic Internet marketing. The devil is definitely in the details too. From how you bury metadata into listing photographs and video with property information and specifics, to keyword threading for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines such as Google find this metadata and classify the content as high value which results in that content being delivered up to more people online. Social Media, Google and YouTube advertising are key as well. It’s considerably more than an agent posting a listing on their Facebook or Instagram page organically and telling their client they are advertising. You have to know the key add account objectives and run paid advertising that will cover both local folks but out of the area people that can now work remotely making it possible to  move their families out of NORCAL or SOCAL and have a considerably better quality of life.

When you add all these things together, the result is The Mitchell Group maintaining a 5-star customer satisfaction rating while also averaging 101% of list price sales for our selling clients over the past several years and over 100 million in sold properties. It has also led to us becoming one of the top producing real estate teams in the Fresno metro area year after year.

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