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Posted by Todd Mitchell on December 11, 2019
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Here Are the Things That Will Make You Feel at Home Moving to a New City

Most people don’t enjoy moving, especially when the household includes children. Transitioning to new schools, making new friends, and getting around in new neighborhoods is daunting. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help everyone feel more at home in your new city.


Getting the Right Insurance Coverage


You’ll need to switch insurance coverage upon moving in most cases, especially since each state has different minimum requirements. California, for example, requires a minimum of liability coverage.


Determine what type of coverage you need by considering state rules, statistics on uninsured drivers, the need for PIP versus full coverage, and your driving habits. Consult multiple agencies before settling on a policy so you can secure the best deal.


Helping Kids Find Their Place


Moving is stressful for everyone, but kids can be particularly susceptible to meltdowns during such a big transition. recommends kid-friendly strategies like scheduling visits to your new neighborhood before your move-in date.


Check out the community offerings, explore on foot or via bike, join clubs and groups, and make lots of time for making friends for the best odds of a seamless transition.


Of course, Psychology Today explains that moving is tough on kids, and it’s understandable if the transition takes time—and lots of checking in with friends back home.


Getting Organized (and Practical)


When you first move, tending to practical items like setting up utilities and changing locks are crucial. You’ll need to locate nearby resources such as grocery stores, gas stations, and bus stops. You will also need to find out about and stick to your landlord’s or HOA’s rules as you start decorating or fixing up your home or apartment.


As you put down roots in your neighborhood, getting involved with the HOA and helping with community cleanup is both practical and helpful for meeting your neighbors. But don’t stop at HOA meetings and neighborhood get-togethers.


Finding (the Right) Community


While you might be lucky enough to have awesome neighbors, making new friends is often more challenging than borrowing a cup of sugar from the folks next door. Especially as a single parent, connecting with other adults and families can seem like a tall order.


Joining local groups can provide the social outlet you need, Realtor notes. Plus, groups are available for single parents, kids’ interests, and more—you just need to look. Sites like Facebook and Meetup are great for connecting with other families in your area.


Your local library may also prove a valuable resource for getting to know the neighborhood. For parents and kids alike, finding a cozy spot to read, meet new people, and explore new activities can be a welcome relief after the stress of packing and unpacking.

Make Your House a Home


What makes a house a home? While being together is vital, there are other ways to help your new place feel cozy and welcoming. Commerce Bank suggests setting up your bedroom first, then the kitchen. This way, you can feed everyone and crash at the end of day one without searching for sheets among all the half-unpacked boxes.


While decorating is often on families’ checklists for their new place, go slow so you don’t become overwhelmed. Decorating room by room gives you time to get a feel for the layout and color scheme that fits each space.


Highlighting the Positives


For both kids and adults, perspective is key when facing a move. Whether it’s an intentional decision or not, accepting the move and looking for positives can make you feel more at peace with the prospect.


Seeking out local eateries, attractions, and other perks highlights the benefits of your new city. For example, if you’re considering a move to Fresno, attractions like the 300-acre Woodward Park, ArtHop cultural program, and Forestiere Underground Gardens are enticing prospects for parents and kids alike.


Whatever you and your children are passionate about, you can settle in and start enjoying those pursuits in your new neighborhood. That, along with organizational and practical steps, can make the move a manageable one for the whole family.

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Alexis Hall is a single mom to three kids. She created to provide support and advice for the many families out there with only one parent in the household. She works as an in-home health nurse. When she isn’t working or spending time with her kids, she enjoys running and hiking and is currently training for a triathalon.

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