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Once moving from the “Real Estate Investing” side of the business and becoming fully immersed into the “Real Estate Agent” side, we were confronted with the disheartening #TRUTH that this is a  broken industry, fraught with Incompetence and Unethical behaviors. If we are to be completely honest, this first-hand viewpoint has led us to some “What have we done?” moments regarding the opening of our real estate brokerage. But, we love this industry. We love what we do. We love helping people. Advocating for people.

We love this industry. We love what we do. We love helping people. Advocating for people.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently commissioned a report on the overall health and long-term viability of the industry. It is called the DANGER Report and their findings were pretty dismal, but not surprising. One of the top dangers that threaten the Real Estate industry is incompetent and unethical Real Estate Agents that are systematically ruining the reputation of the industry. Frankly, this coincided directly with our own observations, and, we don’t in the least like what we see. Real Estate Agents are taught to relentlessly pursue people, door knock, cold call, and do whatever it takes to “close the deal” mentality. In a commodity-driven industry, why brokerages train all agents to be the same and to do these same  tactics, use the same scripts is mystifying. Why not teach them to be authentic and to drive unique value to their clients? Our observation of these things first-hand, coupled with the incompetence we have personally witnessed has changed our mindset, and all for the better. The vast majority of Real Estate Agents in fact, are part-time; not doing more than a couple of transactions per year. Because of this, they never develop competency in this profession. This is extremely dangerous when representing trusting people and families with the largest transactions of their lives.Why would you trust your most important investment with an amateur?

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With this observation in mind, we’ve founded The Mitchell Group Real Estate, Inc. based on 3 Core TRUTHS that we hold to firmly.



First and foremost, we are a #Faith-Based company and believe with unwavering conviction that God put us on this path to help people. To come to the aid of people whom may not know where to turn because they are in a difficult financial time and face the possibility of losing their home as we once faced years ago. We believe in being different from every stereotype of this industry and we will not act like (in any way) the typical real estate agent. We will not cold call you. We will not knock on your door at dinner time. We will not relentlessly chase you down and pester you. Our business will be based on a good old fashioned relationship. We won’t ever hold you to working with us if you choose not to. We believe in the power of Storytelling and that you and your home have a story to tell. We are here to help facilitate that narrative and share it with the world. We will passionately work with you to create the highest perceived value that is possible for your home through the experience we’ve learned as real estate investors. We will provide superior results as our track record firmly supports. We believe in going above and beyond to demonstrate superior skill through our people, our process and ultimately, our product, which is results.


We have an unbending conviction to serve and defend our clients. We have come to see ourselves as protectors. With the greed and fraud that plagues our society today and this industry specifically, we will protect our clients in every sense of the word. We will ALWAYS tell you the truth even when it’s not popular. We will ALWAYS strive to minimize your cost and maximize your profit. As investors, we speak this language fluently and is sometimes foreign to many people. We will NOT do anything that is not congruent with these beliefs; ever!

Philanthropic: Make Impact Fund

Put simply, we believe in the power of giving. Our goal, year over year will be to increase our philanthropic efforts and find new and creative ways to help good people and good local organizations. Our natural point of aim is to be servant leaders in our community and to bring people together through the power of story. This will be a fun journey as we cultivate this skill each year and get better and better. Our goal will be to contribute $10,000 dollars each year to deserving local non-profits and charities, and we can and will get to this goal over time. 

The Lord Jesus himself said, ‘There is more happiness in giving than in receiving.’ Acts 20:35 (GN)

Our goal is to end up on the winning side of this industry and help as many people as we can to do the same.  Our mission is to re-establish the integrity, ethics and values of this industry which gave us our life back and taught us to fight, grow and to always be learning.

We aspire to become a place where good people, who work hard and know the difference between right and wrong and who desire to live with integrity can come together with like-minded people and know inherently that they’ll be taken care of. Treated with Honesty, Integrity and Fairness.

We are breaking the traditional Real Estate Mold and are intent to be different. To look different. To act different and we hope you can see this in us.


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