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Posted by Todd Mitchell on February 25, 2020
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Selling Your House? These Projects Will Get it Off Your Hands Quickly


Selling a house can be a very draining process for a homeowner. That’s why the last thing you need is for your house to sit on the market with no tangible offers. If you do the right home renovations, though, you won’t have to deal with that problem. Let’s look at a few of the best projects that will have buyers submitting offers in droves.


Bathrooms and Kitchens


If there’s one thing that real estate experts agree on, it’s that great kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. According to Arlington Homes, this could be because the buyers like to see modern styles in a home they’re going to live in. They also like to know that the areas they’re going to spend a lot of time in are well maintained. If you’re having a bit of a cash crunch, though, you may be wondering which room to choose.


That decision depends entirely on what value each renovation might contribute. Wherever there are areas of major repair, such as tiling or cabinets, it’s best to attack those first and then move on to cosmetic changes like painting and replacing hardware. The cost of the renovation projects and how long it will take for them to be completed will also be important.


Your Flooring Matters


When it comes to getting your house sold without a fuss, your flooring might play a huge role. According to HomeLight, changing or refinishing your flooring can get you a relatively high return on your modest investment. If you really want to nab buyers, your best bet would be hardwood flooring. It’s a classic style, and you have a number of options for coloring and finishing.


If you can’t afford hardwood, cheaper alternatives include linoleum and vinyl, but they won’t have the same durability. Bear in mind that if you have the requisite skills, you can splurge on the hardwood materials and then install them yourself. Since you’re trying to entice buyers, this is not a project you want to be done shoddily.


Expand Square Footage


This is the kind of project you should consider carefully, so do your research. If you have a two-bedroom house, but three-bedroom houses are in greater demand in your area, it could be an opportunity for you to get a better selling price. According to Patch, creating a master suite or adding a bathroom can be great. On the outside of the house, your buyers might appreciate a deck to spend their time.


If you decide to go for the bathroom addition, you should scope out the best places in your home to put it. Some of the options include a hallway, first-floor laundry or underneath a staircase. Where decks are concerned, it’s best to know the appropriate materials to use as well as how to safely structure it.


Get Creative With Curb Appeal


Even though you’ve made some great changes to the inside of your house, buyers can get a bad impression of your house if the curb appeal is poor. Fortunately, you don’t have to go overboard when it comes to improving that first impression. Before doing any renovation work, you’ll want to make sure your walkway and external walls are clean. If you have external lighting fixtures, it would be good to update or replace them. Your mailbox could also need some work if you’ve had it for a while.


The right landscaping can do wonders for curb appeal, so make sure to trim your trees and put in some potted plants. Putting the right paint on your front door is another way to freshen up your exterior. While you’ll want to choose a color that’s in line with your house’s design and color scheme, going with white, red, white, brown, blue or green is ideal.


If you’re trying to sell your home quickly, it pays to know what makes that happen. Getting your home in tip-top shape should be at the top of your list before you even put it on the market. Apart from the necessary major repairs, make sure you consider upgrades for the outside as well as the inside of the home.


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Contributed by: Suzie Wilson of Happier Home


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